Bank Repossessed Motorcycles - Why Is It The Best Choice

By Christopher Mah

Currently, the trend of buying motor vehicles is to buy from the bank sezied car auction. And the most popular ones are the bank repossessed motorcycles. In fact, not a lot of people know what all the jazz about repo is about. Repo is an abbreviation for repossessed and it means property that has been repossessed by the banks or other financial institution.

In fact, properties like houses and motor vehicles can be repossessed by the government. This usually happens when the initial owner do not have the capacity to meet the financial obligation of the agreed repayment terms. In this case, the loaning organization will be left with no choice but to repossess the property and auction it at online seized car auction sites. The reason why they are doing this is that they want to recoup the remaining balance.

Lately, the repo concept has been receiving overwhelming response from the public. In fact, many people are logging on to these online seized car auction sites to look for their dream car. Not only will they find numerous kinds of models, but they will also get their dream car at a great bargain. It is a matter of fact that these repossessed motorcycles may not be brand new, but they are still in very good condition and you simply won't be disappointed with such repossessed motor vehicles.

All repossessed motorcycles comes from two sources: From defaulting initial purchases and from assets seized by the police for criminal investigation. Regardless of where the repossessed motorcycles come from, you are assured a good price that you will be satisfied with. Most people look for repossessed motorcycles on the newspaper and media but there is actually one perfect place to find your dream motorcycle. That is the internet. With repossessed motor vehicles gaining popularity, many seized car auction sites have been set up online. So with the click of a button, you can actually find your dream motorcycle that may just suit your wish list.

I would advise you to keep a lookout for these repossessed motorcycles for a long period. The reason is that, if you do not do so, your dream motorcycle will probably be snatched up by other enthusiasts. These repossessed motorcycles come in fast and go out fast, hence you must have the patient to hang around the auction sites and wait for the perfect opportunity to snatch it up. Nevertheless, you may never get what you want this week but chances are you will be able to find your dream motorcycle the next week. Just stick to it and you will definitely get what you want. - 30329

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Head Down The Road In Your Harley Clothing

By Jill Sprouse

Harley clothing is the ultimate Harley accessory, especially if you have your Harley decked out. Offering a full line of leather jackets, t-shirts, buckles, hats, belts, boots and helmets, you have no reason not to accessorize to the max.

Standard Harley attire is, at a minimum, a good pair of Harley boots, a logo t-shirt, and, of course, the leather jacket. But, most riders don't consider the most important Harley clothing of all-the helmet. Don't take off speeding down the road without adequate protection.

A half helmet is a good choice if you feel confined behind a full helmet. The draw backs to the half helmet model are that it provides no protection for your face. The helmet itself provides the maximum protection for your head because comes with chrome plating for the ultimate protection. But, if you are looking to protect your face from dirt, rocks and bugs, then the standard modular helmet with a face shield is your baby.

If your budget will allow, spend the money and get the Metal Warrior GP Tech Full Face motorcycle helmet. Standard equipment on this Kevlar helmet includes an Integrated Ventilation System. This scratch proof Harley helmet is guaranteed not to scratch and, as an added bonus, it's fog resistant too. But, hold on to your wallet, and remember that you get what you pay for, this helmet is going to cost around $600.00. If you can't afford the Cadillac of helmets, at least get something that will protect your head in a hard fall. A stock half helmet only costs around $69.00. Get it, save your money, and upgrade.

The standard Harley Davidson t-shirt is going to cost about fifty dollars. I know, you are thinking that's pretty expensive for a t-shirt. But, most cheap t-shirts that you buy for the standard $9.99 are made of 100% cotton and don't wear well at all. Consider a t-shirt that won't fade in the sun, because of the anti-microbial agents, and, one that is wrinkle free. Bingo. That's a Harley shirt. - 30329

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Selecting the Correct Options for Your Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

By John Bellafonte

Finding the right motorcycle insurance online is actually very easy and takes almost no time at all. There are three different kinds, just like car insurance: liability, comprehensive and collision. Depending on which type is chosen, the coverage will not only extend to accidents and vehicle damage, but to bodily injury as well.

Buying motorcycle insurance can turn out to be a pleasant experience if done properly. While it is an absolute necessity if you own one, getting the right policy can be as easy as calling your current provider on the phone. Many will offer a discount if you choose them as you already have a motor vehicle policy in existence, making their paperwork that much easier.

Be sure that when adding a motorcycle to an existing policy, that coverage is just as complete as if it were coming from a single policy from a different provider. While a discount may look inviting, the lack of coverage if it is ever needed will not be so pleasant. Motorcycle insurance is a very specific type, so make sure that the current provider has all the bells and whistles for the price being paid.

Replacement cost of the motorcycle itself is one major factor when choosing the right coverage. This is particularly true if the motorcycle in an antique or classic. While the premiums for these motorcycles may be higher than the average bike, it is well worth it if the need arises to replace one.

Getting the right quote means asking different companies what they offer and finding out what's covered. The research can be done either online or by phone but the internet will generally prove to give faster and cheaper results. Several online insurance companies offer free quotes and will provide a list of options specifically for motorcycles, so the type of quote you receive can be pretty comprehensive.

Take the time to figure out exactly what type of coverage is needed for your particular motorcycle and keep in mind the state required minimums as well. A low price may be attractive, but this should not be the deciding factor. The proper coverage at an affordable rate should be the ultimate goal in the search for insurance.

While many providers offer discounted rates on certain policies, there is another way to get even lower cost motorcycle insurance without sacrificing coverage. By taking a motorcycle safety course and passing it, a discount will be applied to the policy by most providers. This takes very little time and will help lower the monthly premium cost. This can be quite beneficial to both the rider and the insurance company.

Research the possibility of other discounts as well on each provider's website. Many will offer safe driver and multiple vehicle discounts for long standing policy holders if they happen to be your current vehicle insurance company. The goal is to get the most coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy for the lowest price without sacrificing quality or service from any provider. - 30329

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Motorcycle Riding Tips For Women

By Tomaz Desbike

As the main safety aspect is concerned, motorcycle jackets for two genders show very little differences. Also, it would be a prejudice statement to say that women ride bikes any slower than men.

There are many beginning motorcycle riders confused on the kind of motorcycle jacket is needed in order to enjoy the fun of this exciting vehicle. For a lady rider it is a wise thing to spend some money to buy a good woman's motorcycle jacket.

Before buying a woman's motorcycle jacket, you should make sure you test the quality of the seams of the jacket. If there is evidence of a stitch being dropped here and there at intervals in your motorcycle jacket, then the jacket that you hold in your hand is a poor quality product.

The seams must be uniform through out of the whole jacket. However, because the motorcyclist is relying on the motorcycle jacket to protect against injuries, to tolerate poor quality of the stitching work is simply unacceptable.

The second thing that ladies riders must be concern about, before buying motorcycle jacket is the material of the jacket. For many years, leather has been used for protection when bikers ride their motorcycles. So, I think ladies riders should consider to use motorcycle jacket that is made from leather materials. There are many motorcycle jackets for woman that are made from leather on the market place, but you need to be searching out the one suitable for you.

Remember your styles. It is preferable that the woman motorcycle jacket you purchase is versatile, and can be worn on a bike or as the ultimate fashion clothing. The leather jacket for women may be more clean cut to show her curves. Many jackets like that are available for women. The types of racing jackets are also available for women. Ladies Riders must remember though that these motorcycle jackets are primarily for protection and are not just a fashion statement. - 30329

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Is America Still America Since 9/11 ?

By L.J. James

On 9/11/01 America was scared. We had for only the 2nd time in our history, taken a real hit. This one was not a shot to the body like the one we had taken on December 7th, 1941. This was a Punch in the face. Our collective noses were bleeding. Americans were terrified. The whole country had been injured.

Then out of the smoke and darkness, our Government stepped forward and said sign this paper and We will keep you safe! Americans did not look at the paper because they were scared. Nobody thought of the consequences. All we wanted was to feel safe again. No one thought twice when President Bush signed into law The Patriot Act on October 26, 2001. The contrived acronym stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.

Eventually the smoke cleared, we wiped the blood from our noses, and the fear subsided. We started getting back into our normal routines, although the horror of 9-11 had been permanently etched upon our minds, engraved into our souls.

In 2002, George W signed the "Homeland Security Act" and created the United States Department of Homeland Security. With 9-11 behind us, freedom loving Americans began to wonder if the US Government was using 9-11 as an excuse to infringe upon our constitutional rights. People began to question if, in our state of panic, we'd given away the very rights and freedoms that make America, America! When the Act was first signed, it was suppose to "sunset" by the year 2005. Instead, George W made the Act permanent by signing it into law in 2006.

Now the Government had virtually unlimited power to do whatever it wanted under the disguise of keeping us safe! In our moment of weakness, We had willingly signed away our constitutional right to privacy, our protections against illegal search and seizure? The law is very far reaching and has been criticized as being a threat to our most basic liberties

I just think about the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been sacrificed to protect the very rights the so called "Patriot Act" has taken away. Just the thought makes me sick. It's an affront to every American Soldier who has fought, been injured, or died to protect these rights for all American Citizens.

Soon after the Act was signed into law, we began seeing the Government use these powers to monitor United States Citizen's phone logs, Internet traffic records, and bank and credit information. The FBI and other Government Agencies are abusing their newly expanded powers to investigate US Citizens who may or may not be involved in Criminal Activity. In fact, there is solid evidence that certain departments of the US Government and law enforcement are actually using the powers granted to them to stop terrorism to actually "fish" for criminals. As time has passed, more and more groups and individuals are coming forward to complain about the abuses and to demand an end to the US Patriot Act. The governments continued response is, they need the powers to keep us safe.

On November 5, 2009 an Army Psychiatrist opens fire on an Army base killing 12 people and wounding 31. We later learn that the government had been monitoring this person and had knowledge that he was in communication with known terrorists, yet they elected to do nothing.

On December 25th 2009, a Man boarded a plane heading to Detroit tries to ignite a bomb. Luckily, he was stopped by passengers. Again, the Patriot Act did not ensure our safety.

Since the Patriot Act was signed into law, it's obvious that even though We have given up our freedoms in the name of Safety, nothing had changed. We are no safer then we were on September 10th 2001. All that has Changed is we've lost the basic Freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Today, it appears that the US Government is using the US Patriot Act as a way to ferret out would be criminals, but what about tomorrow? Since 2001, this great nation has been in constant "Crisis". We had the Financial Crisis, Housing Crisis, Credit Crisis, and we are now in a Health Care Crisis. Seems like there is nothing better than a good Crisis to keep Americans from thinking about De-Industrialization, Inflation, the rise in fuel prices, Joblessness, and the coming consequences of our tremendous debt.

Does anyone remember the Terrorism threat of the late 60's & 70's? What about the Civil Rights Activists and Anti-War Activists? I bet if the Government had the technology and the powers they have today, they could have nipped those movements in the bud.

Has anyone ever seen a Homeland Security truck in their neighborhood? You know, the ones with about 20 antennas on them. Do you think there is a possibility that they are driving around your neighborhood eaves dropping on you and your neighbors conversations? Better watch what you say. You wouldn't want them coming down on you for being some anti government zealot or terrorist for saying what you really think. I wouldn't want to see you get arrested because you we're planning on attending a "Tea Party".

How many rights do we have to lose? How far will we watch this once great Nation fall until we finally say enough? We're being swindled out of our Children's futures by the Global Corporations and a corrupt US Government. When do we start to say enough is enough? The time has come for all Americans to stand up for the freedoms and rights that our forefathers fought for and many true Patriots died for. The simple truth is we are stronger and safer as a Free America then We will ever be as a Government/Corporate Controlled America !!!

Do yourself a favor, take a few minutes to read the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution. These are the documents that were crafted by our forefathers to protect us not from terrorism, but from our own government and to ensure that all Americans would enjoy the freedom they worked so hard for.Today, America is still a Free Country, One Nation Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL. Standing on the principles of freedom against a Corrupt Government is Americas Foundation. It seems we're at a cross roads. We can stand up for what we know to be right, to fight as our forefathers have or we can let America fall.

It begins with a letter to your elected officials. Electing independent candidates who aren't part of the status quo. Pushing for campaign finance reform so that the Global Corporations don't control our Government. Participating in Protests, Rally's and National Strikes!!!

Written by Your Bro LJ James with Thanks going out to for all their help

- 30329

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Buyers Guide For Motorcycle Riders

By Ethan O. Tanner

Do you know anybody who is a motorcyclist? There are many demands for the motorcycle enthusiast. Gifts for the cycle rider in your family might be gear, gloves, jackets, apparel, accessories, eye-wear, and more. Here's a gift purchasing guide with a lot of ideas for you. Gear is all of the time a beneficial idea. Just like clothes, I never think you can always have sufficient apparel. Regardless the type of motorcycle gear you buy as a gift for the motorcycle riders in your life, you can't fail if you do some investigating before you bargain.

You could start with safety combined with a gift by buying just the right helmet. You can buy all different sorts of helmets. The various helmet styles include, half motorcycle helmets, full face motorcycle helmets, beanie motorcycle helmets, German motorcycle helmets, even motocross motorcycle helmets. With cool looking decals or graphics painted in just the right color, there's a great motorcycle helmet for anyone. Fashionable protective eye wear is an idea too. Aiming the right pair of sunglasses or motorcycle goggles for your dearest is a beneficial choice. They come in an assortment of shapes and colors, and the lenses are sometimes tinted yellow. The yellow tint has been proven to help reduce glare, and help improve vision at night.

Denim motorcycle jackets are popular as well, although not worn in colder climates much. A warm leather motorcycle jacket to keep the wind out is another gift, and one they can use all year long, not just in the summer. There are a lot of styles to choose from when buying a leather motorcycle jacket. A decent pair of leather motorcycle chaps for the long ride home is a groovy gift for whatever motorcycle rider. These will go well with just about any other motorcycle apparel, and can be a great addition to any motorcycle riders wardrobe. Leather motorcycle boots and fully fingered or half fingered motorcycle gloves made with leather and other materials is a great addition to the motorcycle leather jacket and motorcycle clothes that you purchase them as a gift.

Do they live in an area that receives a lot of rain annually? A set of rain gear to help protect all of that leather would be great as well. The most damaging effect to leather is rain, and with the right motorcycle rain gear, you can help protect their cycle gift and your investment for many years to come. A set of rain gear that folds compactly is a good investment for your cycle friend. A good set of waterproof gear is a present that is priceless in a downpour.

If the motorcycle rider that you're purchasing a present is not in need of motorcycle clothing, then some gear for their motorcycle would be astonishing. There are many several things you are able to produce to add life to a motorcycle, without ever having to break the bank. The motorcycle canvas cover is a good choice, as is the motorcycle cable and lock system. Then on that point the luggage systems available that make the storage and cargo area of a motorcycle morn than double, The most most common type of system are pertained to as motorcycle saddle bags. You can also get motorcycle tool bags that mount right to the handle bars, and a motorcycle sissy bar rack pack for storing wider items. - 30329

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Things You Need To Know When Purchasing Dirt Bikes

By Jake Zertosky

Look for dirt bikes in the styles you are interested in such as street, trail, racing, dual or desert types of riding. Why spend time looking at ones that do not suit your needs.

The five variations include the bikes that serve street riding purposes as well as riding off road, these are called dual purpose. There is the bikes specifically for riding the woods and the trails known as trail bikes.

If you are a true Motocross rider at heart and have no other interest besides this style of riding then the best bike for you is a Motocross one. These are fast and handle very well. Desert bikes are made for riding in dunes and sand. The Enduro bikes are made for use in tests of endurance and racing type trials as well.

Ties of the bike you choose for buying is very important. The best tires in all types of terrain whether it be sand or mud are called knobby tires. These handle so much better in dirt and mud situations as well as sand too and have minimal slippage which is environmentally friendly.

If you are buying a bike for your child then there are some tips that will help you choose the safest and best one for them. There are four types of BMX bikes for children and teens. They are street, racing, park and dirt which happens to be the most popular.

Your kid's should not learn on concrete but rather on dirt as this is the easiest and best way for them to learn the feel of the terrain they will be riding on. These BMX bikes are easy to maneuver and have a much lighter weight to them for handling ease.

Equipment you will also need to be ready to ride includes, pads for knees and elbows, a full face or a bucket helmet, long sleeved shirts and tough denim jeans as well as grip gloves and special bike riding shoes that have more grip to the soles than regular tennis shoes.

Safety should be your foremost concern. Most equipment is not that expensive but some of the higher end helmets can be much higher than lower end versions. You can also find specialty gloves that fit closely and have great gripping qualities to them.

You can also choose some extras for your particular bike such as an emergency repair kit. These kits will have everything you need to get out on the trails and riding as soon as possible. Usually you will find CO2 canisters, patching kit, air pump and small tools.

You can find ramps for carrying your bike to and from rides as well as more expensive specialty ramps for freestyle moves and more. Remember if you are a competitive rider then you must have a number plate located on your bike for your competition number to be inserted.

The important thing to know is that before buying and riding dirt bikes you should learn the safety guidelines and rules of the specific type riding you are doing. Knowing how to ride confidently and safely should be a priority. - 30329

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